Trade Show Planning

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, October 04, 2011

A business needs great planning to master the deadline-driven world of trade shows.

Too often, important marketing planning gets overshadowed by urgent logistics planning. Because of the flood of deadlines, businesses get more distracted by the “what to do” rather than the “why to do” it.

But, it’s just as essential to plan your marketing. Things such as your goals for the show, your marketing messages for your graphics and staffers and creating a promotional trade show booth that will get more of the right people to your space.

In regards to your trade show booth
Four months out:

  • Pick Booth Staffers: Review last year’s qualified lead counts by booth staffer to identify the staffers you want. Be sure they can attend. Ask your best booth staffers who else they would recommend.
  • Research Technology: Consider how you can integrate technology into your trade show exhibit to help get more attention, tell your story, and facilitate better conversations between attendees and booth staffers.
  • Invite Exhibit Builders: If building a new trade show booth, set appointments to meet with exhibit builders and give them access to your key marketing decision-makers.
Two months out:
  • Choose Staffers: Finalize your booth staff choices.
  • Order Services: Order any show services you need according to your list from the show book.
  • Choose Your Exhibit Builder: Award the new build and then continue to quickly and thoughtfully respond to their questions and requests for graphics art to ensure timely completion of your new trade show exhibit.
  • Order Promotions: Select and order any promotional items you will be mailing pre-show. Some can take only a few days, some can take over a month, depending where they are made and imprinted.

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