Add Video to Trade Show Exhibits

- Monday, June 11, 2012

Trade show attendees expect more from the trade show experience these days. Advances in technology, design and lightweight materials have turned trade show displays into a very powerful marketing tool.
Incorporating strong video elements into your trade show exhibit is a good way of connecting with your customers – an eye-catching video is more accessible than a marketing brochure and transmits your message more effectively.
In an increasingly competitive marketplace, trade show exhibitors can no longer afford to ignore the powerful benefits of video presentations.
What type of video should you use in your trade show display?
Trade show display videos offer a unique opportunity to show off products and services to potential customers. For maximum impact, use a variety of testimonials, interviews, product displays and adverts.
You can use video to promote newly launched services and also can field video product demos without the cost of employing a demonstrator for the show.  Contact your customers and ask them to give you a video testimonial to use in your display. They will probably thank you for the free publicity.
Remember that your display is a gateway to your business. It is worthwhile preparing a good quality presentation.
Using a smartphone to capture video gives a powerful immediacy to your display. Imagine the impact of recording customer testimonials at the trade show and immediately streaming it through your monitors, or being able to present a live product display.

The viral effect of social media shares means you will reach far more people this way.
By using video in your trade show booth you will have clients at the show engaged with your business.  Once your trade show exhibit is compatible with video and technology, the possibilities for awareness and exposure are endless.

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