Beyond the Trade Show Display - What Else do You Need For Success

- Monday, October 15, 2012

Fall is one of the busiest times for trade show events. From mid-September through November, businesses exhibit to decision makers, sharing the latest in products and services at conference, conventions and trade shows.

When searching for a company to help with your trade show display, look for experience in designing, creating, and building trade show exhibits. But beyond an eye catching display,  here are some "must haves" every trade show booth should contain.

1. Office supplies. Come prepared with writing materials, scissors, rubber bands, safety pins, binder clips, paper clips and other miscellaneous office supplies. Include adhesive products such as masking tape, Duct tape, double sided tape, Velcro sticky dots, push pins and tacks. These items will come in handy when taping down electrical cords, hanging posters and repairing unexpected tears.

2. Basic tools and electrical cords, extension cords and adapter plugs. A basic tool kit including screw drivers, pliers and hammer will come in handy. If you are relying on electricity; make sure you have what you'll need to plug in lighted displays, monitors and printers.

3. Personal comfort items. In addition to shoes that are comfortable and offer good support for standing long periods of time, you also need  a mini medicine chest, aspirin and antacids, mints and chewing gum, eye drops, throat lozenges and lip balm as well as bottled water and quick, easy snack items.

4. Camera/FlipCam. Keep a visual record of your trade show booth experience by taking pictures of your trade show booth, sales team, and convention visitors. Where appropriate, use your FlipCam (or similar recording device) to capture real life comments from customers and prospects about your company.

The Exhibit Source offers affordable, creative trade show display options for your next trade show exhibit rental. Looking for a unique trade show exhibit design, contact us.

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