Done Right, Trade Shows are Money Well Spent

- Tuesday, August 23, 2011

In today’s economy, if your business is going to participate in a trade show, you need to make the most of it. Attending and exhibiting at a trade show are important aspects of your marketing campaign, and although marketing involves a budget, when done right you can be sure it is money well spent.

Trade shows are great opportunities to network, build relationships with customers, and invite prospects to explore your goods or services. With careful planning a trade show can give your company huge rewards. Get the most return on your investment; here are some trade show tips:

Plan your space.  Book your exhibit space early so you are in high traffic areas. If possible, find out everything you can about your space including what kind of other exhibits will be around you.  Your display should be eye catching, original and memorable. All of your signage and display items should be pleasing to the eye and designed to get attention.

Your booth should be the talk of the show.  A demonstration or interactive display will draw people’s interest and get them to cluster around your display. Large and creative displays that have a WOW factor will keep you in mind. A giveaway will attract people to your booth.  Having a drawing or a contest is an easy way to collect business cards from booth visitors. 

Use the location to your advantage.  If some of your clients or prospects are located in the same city where the show is being held, schedule additional meetings while you are in the area. Don’t forget to invite them to your booth, perhaps even buy there ticket.

Promote before the show.  To get the most traffic at your booth, send out announcements before the show inviting customers and potential customers to your booth.

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