Social Media and Exhibit Marketing

- Monday, June 18, 2012

The results of the EXHIBITOR Magazine’s 2012 Social-Media Marketing Survey were announced recently.  New data shows that the percentage of marketers using social media in their trade show exhibit program increased by nearly 90%.
Eight out of ten marketers say their companies are currently using social media for a variety of purposes, including exhibit marketing (58 percent), event marketing (36 percent), and other general marketing purposes (67 percent).
Those tapping into the marketing potential of social-media applications claim increased brand awareness, enriched relationships with clients and prospects, increased booth traffic and event attendance, additional press coverage, and increased sales as direct results of their campaigns. Yet fewer marketers are proactively setting measurable objectives to track the success or failure of their online efforts.
The use of social media as a marketing tool has exploded over the past two years. Most respondents agree that social media is a powerful tool for face-to-face marketers. 
Comprehensive results of the 2012 Social-Media Marketing Survey will be published in the June issue of EXHIBITOR magazine.


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