Stand Out from the Crowd with your Trade Show Displays

- Tuesday, January 29, 2013

With the need to stand out from their competition and to increase their ROI, exhibitors are investing more in their trade show displays compared to the last few years.

There was a direct and obvious increase in larger and more expensive display sales in 2012, especially in modular trade show exhibits. At the height of the recession, exhibitors seemed to scale back on their attendance and type of displays used to exhibit. The scaled back approach seems to be dwindling as exhibitors are buying larger displays and more often.

Larger trade show booths have sharply increased over the last 12 months. The buying decision seems to be an easier process too. Both seem to be a good indication that marketing budgets are increasing. Marketing managers might also see the need to compete more for the attention of attendees and prospects walking the aisle at the trade shows.

Companies have confidence again in getting out there and showing off a little. Exhibitors should be pro-active and less re-active.

Whether it’s a small table top display or a full 20 foot booth, contact the Exhibit Source for the options for any budget or need.

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