Tips for a Successful Trade Show Experience

- Monday, December 03, 2012

Here are a few ideas for a more successful trade show experience. Even if you will only be attending the show, these tips will help make the next trade show you do exhibit at a more rewarding and profitable selling experience.

First, make sure that everyone in your network and all of your clients and potential clients know you will be exhibiting at the show. The Trade Show Bureau reports that 45% percent of trade show attendees are drawn to a company’s trade show exhibit as the direct result of a personal invitation. The personal invitation will definitely increase the traffic from buyers.

Preplanning is very important, but appropriate follow-up is critical. The vast majority of exhibitors do not engage in any form of organized follow-up (leaving the field wide open for those who do). Have your trade show sales staff collect leads and sort them with the hottest leads marked for immediate follow-up. Ideally, you should follow up on leads obtained at the show within one to two weeks.

Don’t bring a chair, you shouldn’t be sitting. Consider placing the booth table at the side or back of the booth, removing that physical barrier between you and the potential customer who approaches the booth. If the table will be holding handouts, always keep a few in your hand.

For more information on trade show marketing, contact The Exhibit Source.


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