Trade Show Basics

- Thursday, August 23, 2012

Trade shows take a lot of work. There is extensive time spent on planning, preparation and setup and the last thing you want is not getting noticed! But worry not, for there are many techniques to access this targeted traffic of visitors and exhibitors and it is actually quite straightforward to succeed.
How do you make sure you stand out and get noticed? Start with the basics with these three tips.

Tip 1:  A Professional Printing Job

You want to look like a professional, your printing needs to look professional. Part of making sure you stand out is making sure everything from your banners to your handouts to your promo materials all look great.

For your banners, posters, and backdrop in your trade show booth, go for high quality large format printing. While almost every exhibitor will be handing out leaflets and brochures, great large format printing can really help you stand out and catch attention, just as a sloppy printing job will leave you blending in with the crowd.

Tip 2:  Don’t Forget Promo Items!

You want to give people extra incentive to visit your trade show booth. You can do this with a raffle or contest where allowed or by giving out promotional items. These promo items are great because they serve more than one purpose. Not only does it help get people coming to your booth where you can engage them in a conversation, but you can also have your giveaways printed with a logo, website, phone number, or whatever else you want. This type of branding is a great way to make sure they remember you even after leaving the show.

Tip 3:  Personality!

This last necessity may be one of the most important aspects of getting noticed at a trade show and that’s an outgoing personality. Get up and start greeting people, invite them in for a conversation, ask questions, and get them interested in what you have to offer! It is very easy to overlook this piece of trade show preparation.

You aren’t going to get many visitors sitting in the background and waiting for people to approach you, you need to be proactive. Once you’ve started the conversation, you have earned the opportunity to acquire their contact information or even make a sale. Even if you don’t, you can give them a brochure and promo item to make sure they walk away remembering your company.

Remembering these trade show basics and contact the Exhibit Source for help designing, planning and creating your trade show exhibit.

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