Trade Show Exhibit Design and Construction - Boston

- Monday, March 18, 2013

Trade-Show-Booth-MAOver the past year, more and more business executives are switching half of their marketing budgets to digital marketing; however, they are still spending 20% of their marketing budgets on trade shows.

Often at trade shows you hear some exhibitors grumbling about the poor results of the trade show. More often than not, they blame everyone but themselves.

These exhibitors have experienced poor results because they've neglected the basics, the major one being an integrated exhibit marketing plan! There is absolutely pre-show, during-show and post-show marketing that needs to be done of you decide to choose trade show marketing.

However, no exhibit marketing plan would be complete without discussing the actual trade show display structure. For many years, trade show participants believed "build it and they will come".

The belief was that if a company wanted to attract a large audience at a trade show, spend a lot of cash, build a large booth, and visitors would be automatically drawn to it! Not true.

If you're one of the fortunate ones and are about to move ahead and build a new exhibit, remember some of the basics:

Think about those life cycle costs, and remember that exhibiting is an expensive undertaking.

Back to your goals and objectives

Graphics and signage should not be an afterthought, or the star of your show

The Exhibit Source truly understands our role and the role of the exhibit structures we design, build, and retrofit in the integrated exhibit marketing scheme. When you partner with a reputable exhibit firm, you should expect no less! Contact us.


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