Trade Show Exhibits Made from Recycled Materials

- Monday, June 25, 2012

Think of the statement you could make at a trade show with a “green” trade show exhibit.  The whole objective of trade show displays is to attract the right clients by projecting the right marketing message. With a green trade show display, your marketing message could be twofold. “This is what we do, and we do it responsibly”.

Is your company going green and promoting sustainability with its marketing efforts?

The Exhibit Source has a full line of environmentally-friendly trade show display products: modular exhibits, graphics, and booth accessories. With the visual impact and durability you need, they are made exclusively with materials that are renewable, recycled, and recyclable from bamboo plywood and fabric made of recycled soda bottles.
Green trade show exhibits demonstrate your company's mission, marketing proposition and commitment to responsibility.  Contact The Exhibit Source, New England's exclusive distributor of high impact “green” trade show exhibits.

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