Trade Show Guerilla Marketing Done Right

- Monday, July 16, 2012

More and more businesses are seeing the benefits of trade show marketing for their bottom line. However, creating a captivating and creative trade show exhibit that concisely conveys your message is just the beginning of how to meet your trade show marketing goals.
Some other things that you and your staff need to consider:

Be Funny, Not Offensive – Humor done well is engaging and memorable. Humor done poorly is boring and potentially distasteful.

Be Economical, Not Cheap – Guerilla marketing should never be expensive and trade show guerilla marketing is no exception. Draw upon your guile, not your bank account when devising creative stunts that attract mindshare. However, do not confuse frugal with cut rate. Be sure that your hand outs and marketing materials work with your trade show booth.

Be On Message, Not Too Clever By Half – When devising guerilla marketing campaigns, marketers can become enamored with their own cheekiness and create attention-grabbing stunts that do not support the company’s underlying marketing messages.

A barometer of whether your guerilla marketing properly communicated your corporate messaging is how it is covered by the media.
Be Bold, Not Stupid – Bold stupidity is not a good combination. Be unafraid but use sound judgment.
Be Authentic, Not Synthetic – Just be you. A company has a personality. That personality is of the Founders, it can’t be manufactured and it shouldn’t be.

Your guerilla marketing should be congruent with your company’s culture. Your goal is not only to capture people’s attention, but to also communicate who you are and why they should care.
Don’t Try Too Hard

Guerilla marketing often goes awry when a company tries too hard and fails to balance unforgettable with crass. Compelling, entertaining and memorable guerilla marketing antics that do not offend your intended audience should be a natural extension of your mainstream marketing efforts. If the nuances are too subtle and your prospects cannot connect the dots between your campaign and your company’s purpose, it will be ignored at best or damage your brand at worst.

For information on creating the perfect trade show display to convey your marketing message and capture the attention of attendee, contact The Exhibit Source.


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