Trade Show Marketing Before Events

- Monday, January 14, 2013

With the New Year comes a new season of trade shows to prepare for. If you’re exhibiting at industry expos pre-marketing needs to be a big part of your branding strategy – and the time to start planning is now.

Trade shows provide unique sales opportunities that help in generating new leads, assessing the competition, and improving brand awareness. Trade shows require advanced planning pre-marketing strategies to maximize ROI and ensure ultimate success.

Here are five great pre-marketing strategies that will help ensure that your trade show investments of time and money pays off by translating into better leads, brand awareness, and more closed deals.

Get the word out with email
Prepare an eye-catching email inviting your contacts to attend your next event or meet you at your trade show booth. One or two emails in the month prior will do the trick. Include information on any special promotions or prize giveaways you’ll be offering at the event.

Schedule one-on-one meetings in advance
“76% of trade show attendees rate face-to-face meetings as extremely important in choosing new products and making lasting connections.” So, contact as many attendees as you can before a trade show and schedule them to a one-on-one meeting with you during the show. Offer them an incentive to encourage prospects to agree to a meeting in advance.

Utilize your sales team in advance
Your sales team talks to customers and prospects on a daily basis. Use them to generate a buzz about upcoming trade shows beforehand. They should mention something about your next trade show on every call. This is possibly one of the best ways to get your customers and prospects excited about meeting you and putting a face to a name.

Twitter is used by your clients and prospects as a primary way to stay connected. For trade show marketing, be sure to send out tweets leading up to a trade show to announce show specials, and tweet out updates on where your booth will be located. Also offer incentives or prizes for people who stop by. Use event hash tags if available.
Get Creative
Trade shows should be anything but ordinary. Use your creative license to drive prospects to your trade show exhibit by generating excitement early on. For trade shows, try organizing a special promotion that gets show attendees involved. The more captivating a booth, the more buzz there will be about it and the more folks will stop in.

For assistance creating a captivating  and show stopping trade show booth, contact the Exhibit Source.

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