Trade Show Booths Should be Amazing - Boston, MA

- Tuesday, August 13, 2013

What are the first words that come to mind when walking through amazing trade show booths? Breathtaking. Risky. Colorful. Vivacious. Interactive. What sets a trade show booth apart from its competitors is its degree of interactivity and engagement. Booths that tell stories are the trade show booths that get talked about. The creation process of trade show booths starts with ‘a concept’. Once a concept is melded, the following factors make the difference between a mediocre trade show booth and an amazing trade show booth: creativity, strategy, logic, and a little bit of operational efficiency.


The difference between a trade show exhibit you see passively and one that you scrutinize actively is the creativity factor. A high creative factor will lure your eyes to the center of the product or service. A trade show team’s creativity is the single most important factor during the research and development phase of creating amazing trade show booths. This is the part where endless ideas are discussed.


Logic is the phase where fantasy needs to be converted into reality. Basically, this is the part where we take creative ideas and turn them into realistic plans. Many ideas fall out, but most, if not all, can be used. This is the time to sit down and discuss how these creative ideas could be incorporated on the floor. Whether this is duplicating an experience done before in another medium or a brand new experience involving different components, sitting down to add realistic materials to create the visual display is essential.


The strategy component is where your team needs to decide how to incorporate the audience. Do you give them a sales pitch? Do you allow them to test out the product? Do you view a video? How does the audience and product meet? Coming up with marketing strategies for how to incorporate the audience may need to be a factor in the design of your exhibit. Remember, the exhibit is a part of your marketing –your place that will support your ability to obtain consumers. Strategize how to capture your audience’s attention, pull them into your trade show display, and sell them, all in your amazing trade show booth.


What your consumers see on the day of the convention does not magically appear. Once you have completed the creative, logistical, and strategic components of the process for your amazing trade show booth, you need to plan out how these booths will be constructed, transported, set-up, torn-down, transported back, and stored. This is also the place where most show-stopping errors occur. Make sure you are very organized during this process. No matter how effective and precious the booth, an error in the final steps of operations can cost you dollars in the end.

To ensure a smooth process from creativity to operations, connect with a trade show exhibit company who can provide amazing trade show booths. Contact The Exhibit Source.


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