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- Monday, November 18, 2013

Trade show displays give you a presence at trade shows and similar events, but it can be difficult to differentiate yourself from all of the other businesses. One of the best ways is to incorporate the season or nearby holiday into your display. Not only will this make people gravitate towards your trade show exhibit, but it also ensures that you have different designs so that your display doesn't get old. Here are a few ways to creatively add the season or holiday into your trade show exhibit.


Sometimes just adding the right colors into your booth display or table covering can give you a seasonal look. Every season and holiday has its colors. Fall has orange and dark reds, winter has white and summer typically has blues and yellows. Instead of using your regular colors for your display, switch over to a seasonal color.


This is an easy way to incorporate seasons and holidays into your trade show display. Add a few graphics that reflect the next holiday. For example, add some Santa Claus hats or pumpkins for Christmas or Halloween. You can add these into your overall printing and display, or you can change your logo for the season.

Use the Holiday or Season

What is commonly done on the nearby holiday? Why not add this into your trade show display? For example, you can make your marketing materials look like turkeys or pieces of candy. Most printers will offer a die cutting service to accommodate special shapes. Another thing that you could do is wrap your marketing materials near Christmas time.

You can also use common imagery from the season. Flowers are very common during the spring. You could attach flowers to your marketing materials and display. People like getting unique marketing materials from trade shows. Not only that, but this will definitely help you stand out from the crowd.

At the same time, make sure that you keep your audience in mind. If your audience is primarily powerful CEOs, then some of these ideas might seem too childish. Be creative, but don't alienate your audience.


Most trade show exhibits only use a table and some banners or panels to show the company's logo and main message. Adding a scent to your trade show display not only makes you stand out, but it's a great way to add the season or holiday into your display. Every season and holiday has its own scents. If it's Christmas, then cookies and pine trees are great. Spring is full of floral notes and freshly cut grass.

Adding a scent to your trade show display is easy. You can just buy a candle with a seasonal smell. While there are many cheap candles, it's best to use more expensive ones. The cheaper candles tend to have overpowering smells that can drive people away.


Perhaps the best way to bring people to your display is free food. Just adding a small plate of cookies can make people flock to your display. Just like with smells and imagery, every season and holiday has its own unique food. While Thanksgiving and Christmas are known for turkey, ham and other meats, it's best to use cookies, candy and small things that will last throughout the day.

Don't put all of the food out at once because it will be gone within an hour or so. Just put out a handful of cookies and replenish the plate once it gets low.


Incorporating the season into your trade show display is a great way to attract people, but it can be difficult to do this if you don't know what you're doing. For more information for adding seasonality to your trade show display, contact The Exhibit Source.

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