Trade Show Marketing Finds Prospects and Leads – Newton, MA

- Friday, June 14, 2013

The Exhibit & Event Marketers Association and the Chief Marketing Officer Council have released a joint study on the value of trade shows and event marketing. The study gathered the views of brand marketers.

Among the key findings, the report noted the continuing importance of special events and trade show marketing across organizations. About 90% of respondents reported that special events held some level of importance for their business, and 31% considered events essential.

“Events and their ability to host intimate, face-to-face dialogues with customers, prospects, influencers and even competitors remains critical to many marketers across a multitude of industries,” says vice president of marketing programs and thought leadership for the Chief Marketing Officer Council.

Most marketers in the survey thought of trade shows and similar programs as ways to increase revenue, with 64% using them to find new prospects and 62% working to gather or cultivate leads.

The process of event and trade show marketing is undergoing an evolution to make them more personalized. About 40% of those surveyed said they were starting to move from the large trade shows toward smaller, targeted gatherings. A similar amount, 44%, reported that they were choosing to host their own events to build their brand instead of participating solely in general events or shows.

For more information on trade shows and trade show exhibits, contact The Exhibit Source.

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