Benefits of Trade Show Display Rentals

- Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Trade shows can be expensive undertakings. Renting trade show booths is a great way to cut costs. If you are just starting to experiment with trade show marketing, renting a booth might be the right option.

Trade shows are essential to connecting with new potential customers, and to investigate the competition. But they also provide priceless networking opportunities. So finding ways to make trade shows more affordable for small and medium sized businesses is imperative.

Supplement your exhibit with rentals

If you already own a trade show exhibit display, exhibit rentals are a great way to enhance your booth. Changing a couple features of  your exhibit is a cost effective way to make your booth take on a whole new look.

Rent the entire exhibit

If this is your first trade show endeavor, renting the entire display may be the right choice. Additionally, storing your exhibit displays takes money and time.
Renting  trade show displays eliminates the need for storage and the fee for shipping and freight companies. An extra benefit of renting an exhibit means that every year your trade show display can have a different look, feel and message.

For more information on renting trade show displays, contact The Exhibit Source.

Promote Business With Trade Show Marketing

- Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Many businesses can be promoted and marketed through trade shows. When they are done properly, trade show marketing can be incredibly profitable creating a large amount of new sales in a short time.

Successful trade show exhibiting has to be done right with the right trade show display that gets your brand and message across concisely.

There are three key areas to look at when exhibiting at trade shows: What you do 'Before' a trade show, 'During' a trade show, and 'After' a trade show. All of these areas need to be approached correctly and efficiently in order to get the most from trade show marketing.

The statistics for closing a trade show lead are more promising than traditional leads. Surveys done by the Centre for Exhibition Industry Research found that it usually takes one sales call on average to close the business to a trade show lead.

So for help creating a trade show display that shows your message and encourages potential clients to stop, contact The Exhibit Source.

Trade Show Exhibits Done Right Can…

- Monday, February 11, 2013

If you are planning on exhibit marketing at a trade show, your goal is probably to expand your business. Trade shows offer a powerful opportunity for all businesses to display their products, services and brand. You can’t do that with a run of the mill trade show booth or with a message that misses the mark.

When your businesses trade show exhibit is created and managed effectively it will enable your company to showcase and demonstrate new products and services, reach target audiences, generate leads from potential new clients and garner new business from existing clients.

The Exhibit Source is well equipped to provide trade show display solutions for all types of businesses which will effectively display your products and brand, contact us.

Trade Show Marketing the Right Way

- Monday, February 04, 2013

Trade shows are the perfect opportunity to debut a new product, reach out to potential clients and find new talent to bring in to your company. But if you want to grab people’s attention at a trade show, then you will need to plan your approach and use some good trade show techniques. If your company is prepared to maximize the opportunities at a trade show you will walk away feeling like the investment in the event was worth it.


One of the biggest mistakes companies make when they prepare for a trade show is they decide to use the existing marketing materials they have on hand. In order to make a big impact at a trade show, you need to give people something that will make your products stand out. You need to have new marketing materials and pop up banners made up for the products and services you will be featuring at the show.

Have a Plan

Your company is investing a lot of money into being at a trade show. The worst thing you can do is go into the show without having a plan. Your trade show booth may look impressive, but if you do not have a message for attendees that they can understand, then you will not draw traffic.

If you want to release new products at this trade show, then develop your approach around those products. If you are going to use this trade show to try and attract new distributors for your products, then you will need a presentation more geared towards the benefits of doing business with your company as opposed to just product benefits.

Put Together a Team

The team that works your booth needs to be strategically put together as opposed to just being made up of the people that volunteered to go. If you are focusing on product sales, then you will need sales people. If your presence at the show is designed to attract vendors or distributors, then you will want members of the logistics team, marketing department and executive team on hand to make a good impression.

Have a Good Giveaway

Too many companies underestimate the power of the free giveaway at trade shows. Giving away toys or notepads with your company logo on them is nice, but if you give people something they can use then word will travel fast.

When you have a good plan for a trade show, then you can maximize your investment in show resources. Take the time to plan your presence in advance so that you can attract more visitors and collect more useful information.

For more information on a successful trade show experience, contact The Exhibit Source.

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