Creating a Trade Show Display Plan

- Monday, March 25, 2013

Before creating your custom trade show exhibit you need to first think about what you want to achieve. What is the message you want to communicate new and potential customers. Your trade show booth should have one clear message that is incorporated into the design, and in all of your marketing materials, giveaways, and handouts.

Your businesses trade show display makes an impression. That impressions is the key to attracting traffic to your space at the trade show. To have maximum impact and appeal, you can include additional features like an LCD display or an interactive workstations. The Exhibit Source has plenty of recommendations and unique display solutions. You trade show display and message needs to be effective and strong. An eye-catching and unique booth is an instant hit at a trade show.

Before you start the custom design process of your trade show booth, be sure you know if there are any limitations or specific requirements for the convention center where the trade show will be held. You can find this out by contacting event organizers.

For more information, contact The Exhibit Source.

Trade Show Exhibit Design and Construction - Boston

- Monday, March 18, 2013

Trade-Show-Booth-MAOver the past year, more and more business executives are switching half of their marketing budgets to digital marketing; however, they are still spending 20% of their marketing budgets on trade shows.

Often at trade shows you hear some exhibitors grumbling about the poor results of the trade show. More often than not, they blame everyone but themselves.

These exhibitors have experienced poor results because they've neglected the basics, the major one being an integrated exhibit marketing plan! There is absolutely pre-show, during-show and post-show marketing that needs to be done of you decide to choose trade show marketing.

However, no exhibit marketing plan would be complete without discussing the actual trade show display structure. For many years, trade show participants believed "build it and they will come".

The belief was that if a company wanted to attract a large audience at a trade show, spend a lot of cash, build a large booth, and visitors would be automatically drawn to it! Not true.

If you're one of the fortunate ones and are about to move ahead and build a new exhibit, remember some of the basics:

  • Review the measurable goals and objectives for your trade show program, and make sure that when you begin discussions with your exhibit builder that your overall goals are considered.
  • Make sure that you're not building a one-size only exhibit. Take into consideration your show schedule, and build in a lot of flexibility. For example, think about having an exhibit design that is modular and allows you to exhibit in a 30' x 30' island configuration, but also in a 20' inline configuration.

Think about those life cycle costs, and remember that exhibiting is an expensive undertaking.

  • Consider lightweight materials to cut down on shipping, storage, and drayage costs.
  • Consider simple but eye-catching designs that don't take a work crew of eight two to three days to install and dismantle.

Back to your goals and objectives

  • When developing a design, think about how your booth staff will be deployed and how your team will carry out its mission.
  • When developing a design, think about eliminating physical and mental barriers that might stop visitors from stepping into your exhibit space.

Graphics and signage should not be an afterthought, or the star of your show

  • There needs to be a balance between easy reading and easy consumption of your messages the watchwords,
  • Consider the use of digital signage. LED technology has come so far that it's used on roadside billboards. Good design and graphics transitions can really make your booth stand out.
  • Take control of your airspace. A well-designed banner suspended from the rafters is still probably the best way to help dental meeting attendees find your booth. Whether or not you can do this will depend on your booth configuration and exhibitor rules.
  • When well produced, large screen video presentations and videos can be very effective in pulling people into your trade show exhibit. Make sure the video is compelling even without audio, as you may be restricted regarding how loud you can crank the volume.

The Exhibit Source truly understands our role and the role of the exhibit structures we design, build, and retrofit in the integrated exhibit marketing scheme. When you partner with a reputable exhibit firm, you should expect no less! Contact us.


Trade Show Exhibits that Make an Impression

- Monday, March 11, 2013

Many companies are concerned about how to represent their company when they are heading to their first trade show. Most importantly it is imperative that you are prepared. What do you want to accomplish? What supplies do you need in order to do this? Your main goal is to make a good and lasting impression on potential as well as repeat customers.

Trade show marketing is highly effective when done right. This is the perfect time to connect with potential clients, competitors and other businesses. It  is also the perfect time to impress and pamper existing clients. Promote and display your brand. Your brand is what your business is all about.

Trade shows are the perfect place to promote your brand, your mission and what separates you from your competition. When you have the right trade show display, you can promote your brand and your business to client who have not heard of you or to those who have not yet chosen to do business with you. So, your main consideration should be having an impressive trade show exhibit that clearly gets your message and your brand across. Therefore, it needs to be professional and appealing.

High quality trade show exhibits make the right first impression along with professional marketing hand-outs. Be sure that your logo is clear and consistent with your marketing materials. If you have recently changed or updated your logo, it needs to be consistent on all of your marketing materials: brochures, display and business cards.

For more information on professional, eye catching displays that make a lasting impression, contact The Exhibit Source.

Custom Trade Show Displays – Should you Invest in One?

- Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Most businesses see the value in trade show marketing. Those that are considering this for the first time then find themselves trying to determine if custom designed trade show booths are worth the investment.

Here are some facts to consider:

Send a strong message
For companies that use them, custom trade show exhibits send a powerful message.  Trade show attendees stop to admire well designed and creative booths. Well done booths send the message that your business is a viable company that is successful and in business for the long haul. At a trade show, nothing is more important than perception.  Your booth should be remembered long after the show is over.

Make it unique
One of the most important assets your company has is its brand. Custom exhibits can be designed around your brand and image. Your trade show booth can and should incorporate your brand, your logo and your message. Hiring a talented trade show booth designer will help you make a lasting impression.

Custom trade show exhibits are flexible
Your trade show booth can be changed for every show or from year to year by adding table top displays and new banners.

They are reusable
If you plan to attend several show a year, your booth can be reused for every show.

For more information on custom designed trade show displays, contact the Exhibit Source.


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