Portable Marketing Kiosks Enhance Branding Visibility - Boston, MA

- Friday, August 31, 2018
The Exhibit Source portable promotional kiosks in Newton, MA

Business branding must be consistent and visible. An established image or logo can remind folks of your business. Brand recognition contributes to increased sales and higher profit. Brand visibility can be attained by assorted techniques that draw attention from your targeted market. One effective method to do this at marketing events is by employing portable marketing kiosks.

Portable marketing kiosks offer clear-cut and precise visibility of branding. Because they are portable, they present a more convenient way to display your logo in the traffic areas on the trade show floor. Another advantage is that they are easy to transport and install with a hassle-free setup. When you rent or buy a portable promotional kiosk in Boston, MA, your branding will have the exposure it deserves during crowded trade shows and marketing events.

Touch screen information kiosks are also effective. They provide potential clients with prompt access to information on the products and services your business offers. With these kiosks businesses can also boost their image as established professionals in their industry. Contact The Exhibit Source to find out more about portable marketing kiosks.

Fabric Pop-Up Display and Their Remarkable Benefits

- Friday, August 24, 2018
The Exhibit Source - fabric-pop-up display in Newton, MA

Fabric pop-up displays are a popular style trade show exhibit. Because of their many benefits, all types of exhibitors choose this type of display. Fabric pop-up displays are lightweight and easy to install. The fabric is fixed on the frame and the frame simply pops open for set-up and when being taken down. These displays also offer richly colored graphics printed on wrinkle-free material.

With the use of the aluminum frames, fabric is stretched out to conform with the shape of the hardware. Available in a wide array of forms and designs, fabric pop-up displays in Boston, MA can bring more people to your booth. When designed right, they will standout on their own in the crowd. However, fabric pop-up displays can also accompany other type of displays as well, they also work well along with a variety of booth accessories.

Pop-up displays are durable and can last for years with proper care and handling. High quality, fade resistant, and machine washable fabric is used along with captivating graphics. Because they are so well-built pop-up displays can be used for numerous trade show events and other marketing campaigns.

Rental Trade Show Exhibit Display Solutions For New Entrepreneurs and Startup Businesses

- Friday, August 17, 2018
The Exhibit Source - Trade Show Exhibit Rentals in Boston, MA

For those who are just starting their business, participating in trade show events is an excellent strategy for getting products and services introduced in the market. Although start-ups can be financially challenging, there are trade show exhibit rentals that can help entrepreneurs market without going beyond their budget.

When you rent trade show exhibit booths in Boston, MA, you get the same quality exhibit displays but for a fraction of the regular cost. This economical option is a solution for those who have smaller budgets and who want ample exposure for marketing their goods. The graphic and structural design of a rental exhibit booth can be modified to meet the specific marketing needs. With a broad range of shapes and forms from which to choose, exhibitors can find the right design to fit their concept and their allotted space.

Trade shows can also be a venue for new businesses to study their competitors. They can get information and experience on how to flourish and make a name in their industry. Exhibit booth rentals provide the opportunity for startup businesses to join trade show events for exposure in the market with less cost. Contact The Exhibit Source for high quality trade show display rentals.

3D Banner Stands are a Perfect Display for Small Areas on Trade Show Floors

- Friday, August 10, 2018
The Exhibit Source 3D Banner Stands, Boston, MA

There are many options for trade show displays that can be used to promote products and services at a trade show fair. However, the appropriate design and size needs to be carefully selected depending on the allotted space on the trade show floor. When businesses creatively use space they will boost their advertising and marketing strategies. For small spaces, new businesses, or for those new to trade show marketing, invest in 3D banner stands in Boston, MA to turn exhibit marketing to your advantage.

3D banner stands enable trade show exhibitors to station their display in a spot where traffic can still flow. Along with crafty graphic and structural exhibit design, businesses can attract many potential customers to the trade show booth. This advertising strategy is truly effective and can help businesses gain more leads because the booth looks well-designed and has the right flow for a smaller space. The flexibility of these booths make them cost-effective for exhibitors who want to keep their expenses down.

Moreover, 3D advertising stands are highly customizable and enable businesses to make their smaller displays more eye-catching. This type of display is a surefire way to stand out at the event. Contact The Exhibit Source to find out more about the advantages these small but effective displays.

Things to Should Avoid When Marketing at a Trade Show

- Friday, August 03, 2018
The Exhibit Source portable promotional kiosks in Newton, MA

Trade show exhibits are an effective marketing platform that can help you earn more leads. However, when your company is not fully committed, exhibit marketing can not only set back your budget, it can have negative results on your business. Below are some things to avoid doing when exhibiting at a trade show:

  • Forget A Prospect's Name - Address prospects using their name. Always ask and remember as you explain your products and services. Besides, these potential customers can be your next huge clients so make sure to address them by name.
  • Sales Talk Visitors - Instead of doing all the talking, let the prospect do talk. Ask them what their business requirements are and then sit back and listen. Inject a few points that can let them know your product or service would be a convenient solution to a business problem or need. It pays when you listen because you can get a real idea of real situations which can help improve business.
  • Scan Badges - Be sure booth employees are scanning visitor's badges, but even more they need to get email and other contact information.
  • Neglect Visitors - Never ignore a trade show booth visitor. You can easily loss customers if you employees are not fully committed.

Trade show marketing is a great investment when done right. Spending marketing money should increase customers and ultimately revenue. Contact The Exhibit Source for quality trade show displays.


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