The Benefits of Well Designed Trade Show Exhibit Rentals

- Friday, July 21, 2017
The Exhibit Source - Trade show exhibit rentals in Boston, MA

Making use of creative exhibits is a savvy move when businesses want to make a bold statement during marketing events. However, purchasing one is not the only option for exhibitors, especially those on a tight budget. Trade show exhibit rentals in Boston, MA offer an ideal solution with numerous advantages to event marketers. Here are a few of them:

Renting a trade show exhibit makes it easy to reap the benefits of a show-stopping exhibit without going over budget. Trade show exhibit rentals offer a wide array of portable, modular, and custom-designed exhibits. Given the many different options for customization, the graphic and structural exhibit design can be modified based on the unique requirements of the marketing campaign.

With trade show exhibit rentals, it is possible to make a bold statement during the event and capture the attention of attendees while conserving marketing resources. These rental options are affordable so an exhibitor may rent more than one for multiple shows and change graphic and structural designs from show to show.

To find out more your options fo customizing trade show exhibit rentals, contact The Exhibit Source.

Table Top Trade Show Displays: Where Less is More

- Friday, July 14, 2017
The Exhibit Source - Trade show table top displays in Boston, MA

Portable table top displays prove that the success of a marketing event does not necessarily depend on how big or expensive the display is. Rather, it is how many people are willing to stop by and the ability to transform a prospect to a client.

Table top trade show displays are useful during marketing events. When they are well designed and captivating, people will see them as they walk through the event. Even though they are smaller, when they are designed creatively companies can still get their specific marketing message across.

Less is more. Trade show table top displays in Boston, MA can prove this. They are a small, powerful display which can still reach a large number of prospective customers. This makes them a good tool for spreading brand awareness and promoting products and services. Aside from that, trade show table top displays also provide a cost-effective marketing solution. Their economic value is one of their main selling points. Companies need not overspend on their marketing campaign when using table top displays during trade shows and other marketing events.

To find out more about trade show table top displays for business marketing strategies, contact The Exhibit Source.

Portable Island Trade Show Exhibits Maximize Limited Space

- Friday, July 07, 2017
The Exhibit Source portable trade show booth, Boston, MA, Island exhibit

Among the widely used booths in marketing events nowadays, the portable island trade show exhibit stands out in the crowd because it provides 360-degree access to attendees. With this set-up, it is more effective in attracting attendees and therefore in achieving a businesses marketing goals for a higher return on investment.

Because trade show exhibitions are an effective platform for companies to communicate and connect to customers, renting portable island trade show exhibits in Newton, MA is a great option when exhibitors want to promote products and services differently.

With the options for customizing the graphic and structural exhibit design of a portable island trade show exhibit, it is possible to create a display that will help company increase brand awareness and expand their customer base. The design will be attention-grabbing and accessible for a bigger group of people who may not yet be aware of your business offerings. The portable island trade show exhibit allows companies to maximize the use of limited space because it expands upwards providing everyone a clear view.

To find out more about trade show exhibits for rent, contact The Exhibit Source.


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