Tips for Trade Show Marketing – Newton, MA

- Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A B2B marketing professional and a self-described "big believer in trade shows," recently shared a list of ways to make an exhibitor's experience at an expo the best it can be.

Here are a few excerpts from his suggestions:

Use a professional exhibit.  Walk around a show sometime and notice that the best presenters have the biggest crowds...They have personality plus.  That’s what they do for a living.  They will also deliver the message consistently.  Non-professional trade show booths have few of these aspects that make all the difference. Be sure your trade show booth is professional and well thought out.

Dress everyone on the team the exact same.  I’m talking about choosing both a branded shirt and a specific color and style of pants, so everyone really does look like they are a team.  It’s not that easy to execute, but worth the effort.

Keep the trade show booth spotless. It’s often real hard to tell everyone that they can’t leave their coat, rolling laptop bag and bulging trade show stuff bag in the booth...But it must be done.  If you don’t have adequate storage space in the booth, warn attendees in advance (every time you communicate with them) and have alternative options.

For more information on Trade Show Exhibits, contact The Exhibit Source.

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Be Effective During and After the Trade Show - Newton, MA

- Friday, July 19, 2013

If you regularly attend trade shows, or are thinking about attending your first, there is a lot of thought that needs to be put into each endeavor. Company trade show exhibits are key to drawing customers and potential customers in for a conversation. The message and design of your trade show booth are what catches their eye and makes you top-of-mind while they are there.

But what about after they leave? Your trade show giveaway is very important. It needs to be unique, useful and memorable. Are you out of ideas? Here are a few ideas for unique trade show give-aways:

Ice Scrapers – In the winter in Boston, we wake up to ice coated windshields far too often. A personalized ice scraper could be a great trade show freebie for your business. Yes, potential customers may toss them in the trunk of their cars. But they are going to remember you as soon as the winter comes around again!

Hand Fans - On the flip, it is hot in the summer in Boston too. A personalized hand fan is especially useful. Not only are they highly functional, chances are good that they are going to come in handy on humid days for the foreseeable future. And every time someone picks it up to fan themselves, they will be reminded of your business!

Sunglasses Clips - How many times have you lost a pair of sunglasses in your life? Probably more than a few! Sunglasses clips are a unique, yet effective freebie item for businesses attending trade shows. They clip on to the visor of your car so that you always know where to find your sunglasses while you’re driving on sunny days. This giveaway is one that your customers will use frequently and year round.

Tape Measures - There have certainly been times where you’ve needed a tape measure. Perhaps you recently purchased a new copy machine and you’re trying to figure out where to put it, or maybe you’re moving the office around to accommodate a new employee. A tape measure would  come in handy. Why not create personalized ones for your next industry event?

Bottle Openers - Bottle openers are an effective trade show giveaway. They are both highly functional and they’ve got staying power! No more searching for a bottle opener while cracking open a cold drink at your next cookout (which are also great places for business referrals and networking).

For more ideas on how to be memorable during and after the trade show, contact The Exhibit Source in Newton, MA.


Interactive Trade Show Displays - Newton, MA

- Friday, July 12, 2013

Handing out a brochure and repeating your elevator pitch is the old way of marketing at trade shows. Now, you can equip your trade show display with technology and interactive features that draw potential customers to your exhibit with minimal effort.

Captive audiences ask the right questions and allow you to start those critical conversations. People like to be in control, and they will be with a digitally equipped, modern and interactive display.

There are a few different ways to incorporate interactive elements into your next trade show display.

Video and Monitor Displays – A video display does a few things to make your trade show experience more fruitful. They make it easier for you. Instead of making the standard sales pitch constantly, you can showcase your company’s digital creations.

Kiosks– Instead of, or in addition to, the more standard display tables, include a kiosk in your next trade show display. Kiosks can be equipped with iPads or laptops, which can be used to increase the interactivity level at your exhibit. It’s the perfect display element to let attendees browse your company’s latest mobile application release or web application.

Workstations – Workstations are similar to kiosks but provide a larger work area and the option of including seating. Workstations are ideal for having attendees fill out a needs analysis or take a few minutes to test out a web application.  They’re also useful for sitting down for a one-to-one conversation or taking more in-depth information from a potential client or customer. Workstations are often used as a supplemental element, providing a separate area for more engaged interaction while the main display area is manned by another team member.

For more information on interactive trade show displays, contact The Exhibit Source in Newton.



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