Touch Screen Display Information Kiosk

- Monday, March 25, 2019
The Exhibit Source - Touchscreen Information Kiosks, Boston, MA

When talking about business profitability, it is not sufficient to simply offer the best products at the best price. You need to put the best quality and priced products and services in front of the consuming public. One thing that business owners fail to excel in is the art of product and service promotion. While there are many ways to do this, one effective method of product promotion is the use of portable promotional kiosks that we provide here in Norwood, MA.

The business promotion effectiveness surrounding touch screen information kiosks is undeniable. When customers feel that they are personally involved in the purchasing decision (such as they are during trade show exposure), they are more likely to respond positively to your intended call to action. The amazing thing about kiosks is that they use technology to relay important information about the product. They have wide screens where products, and even services, can be strategically displayed and be made known to carefully selected target market. These screens often have touch mechanics that allow anyone to jump from one screen to another thereby making learning about a particular product more interesting. These touch screen information kiosks offer a different experience that will really lead one to use his or her purchasing power and never miss out any promo.

The portable marketing kiosk will positively affect you and your company’s brand. The content can be conveniently customized so it is always ensured that information being provided is always updated. This means that the kiosk can work perfectly even for those businesses that offer different products and promos each season, if not almost every month.

For tips on how to maximize market presence using portable marketing kiosks, visit The Exhibit Source.

Versatile Trade Show Exhibits For Maximum Marketing Effect

- Monday, March 18, 2019
The Exhibit Source - Trade Show Exhibit Displays Boston, MA

When renting or purchasing trade show displays, one important characteristic that you should strongly consider is flexibility. If you want to maximize the use of your exhibit, it should have a versatile graphic and structural design that lends itself to easy modification and reuse.

Our trade show exhibit displays dispatched out of Boston, MA offers flexible booth designs that can be tailored to your company's brand, concepts, and current marketing strategy focus. Their footprint can be adjusted to match different trade show space allocations. Flexible also means simple installation and dismounting. The entire display can be transported and stored with ease.

Make sure every dollar you spent on the acquisition of your trade show exhibit produces positive return on investment. A flexible, versatile, and re-usable set-up is definitely a smart and practical strategy for your trade show exhibit.

Contact The Exhibit Source for versatile trade show exhibits.

Unique and Cost-Effective Rental Trade Show Exhibits

- Monday, March 11, 2019
The Exhibit Source portable promotional kiosks in Newton, MA

Participating in a trade show event is a bold move to boost your marketing efforts. Trade show administrators often charge significant fees for floor space. The good news, however, is that the cost of your trade show display need not be so much of a shock. There's an alternative option where you can still have a unique trade show exhibit without breaking your marketing budget.

Boston entrepreneurs increasingly turn to The Exhibit Source for rental trade show displays such as our 10’ x 1-‘ trade show display. Rental trade show exhibits provide quality and unique graphic and structural designs that will effectively draw attention of target audiences. Our products offer extensive license for you to customize your rental display. You can add, remove, and adjust all the elements of the display to conform with the specifics of the company without the full investment of ownership.

Having an extraordinary exhibit provides an opportunity to promote your brand and entice prospects. Selecting the proper accessories to meet your sales goals can make the display more competent and can help make your booth more prominent in the exhibit hall. Renting a trade show booth is an economical way to stick within the budget parameters yet still hand over positive results.

Contact The Exhibit Source for customized trade show exhibits.

Portable Island Exhibits – Expand Your Audience

- Friday, March 01, 2019
The Exhibit Source - Island trade show exhibit designs

Trade show displays offer a path to wide exposure of your brand and services. Constructing an impressive trade show booth design can be a challenge to say the least. The look of your exhibit display is crucial since it portrays the quality of your product and level of service that you intend to communicate to consumers. Helping you generate that perfect look is what we are all about!

Selecting the right trade show structure and design is critical. If you want to create a lasting impression in any marketing event, our portable island trade show exhibit are absolutely striking and spectacular and will surely impress your target audience.

Our portable island exhibit displays feature a 360-degree view which commands attention from all directions. This maximizes exposure during crowded events. The 360-degree view also exposes your brand to people that might have otherwise walked passed your exhibit from an unviewable back side.

Along with vast option of stock graphic and structural exhibits, by all means (and with our encouragement) you can customize any display and you can customize to any degree. You may accessorize it with ambient lights and informative touchscreen kiosks that can make your booth more attractive. Contact The Exhibit Source to find out more about portable island trade show exhibit.


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