The Benefits of Renting Trade Show Exhibits That You Probably Didn’t Know - Boston, MA

- Friday, December 30, 2016
The Exhibit Source rent trade show exhibits in Boston, MA

At first glance, a lot of exhibitors believe that purchasing their exhibit for use during trade shows is superior to renting. This can be a reasonable argument given the common stereotype that trade show exhibit rentals are just supplemental. It has been a common idea that for most things, we would rather own than rent. But believe it or not, the exact opposite is true when it comes to your company’s trade show exhibit.

The keyword is flexibility. Renting a trade show booth over purchasing one provides this flexibility for your company in the years to come. Whenever you rent for an upcoming event, you can simply choose the exhibit style and then customize its features so you arrive at a graphic and structural exhibit design that is in line with your marketing campaign or fits with the specifications of the event. There are scenarious where there is very limited floor space as well. By renting, companies can simply downsize the exhibit without jeopardizing its impact on the show floor during the event.

When you rent trade show exhibits in Boston, MA, there are a wide array of options for customization so you can create an exhibit that suits the specific requirement of the event. When companies buy an exhibit the graphic and structural designs are fixed and only small makeovers can be done. Unlike when renting, companies can redesign their exhibit every time without spending too much time or money, you're only limited by your imagination and resourcefulness.

To find out more about trade show exhibit rentals, contact The Exhibit Source.

Happy Holidays from The Exhibit Source

- Thursday, December 22, 2016
Happy Holidays from The Exhibit Source in Boston, MA

It is once again "end-of-year" blog post reflection time. If you are reading this blog post, you care enough about us and our business to invest a minute or two reading here. That means a lot to us. The primary reason for this blog is to educate and inform our readers; as an ongoing act of giving thanks for the privilege of earning your continued trust and continued professional partnerships. So we're glad you're here.

We reflect today on the blessings that so many of you bring to both our personal and professional lives. Over the course of 2016, we hope that we have made a difference in many personal and professional lives. This is the true essence and a key measure of professional reward and business success.

It is our sincere wish that all of you bask in the joy of reflection and within the warm confines of family and friends throughout this Holiday season and throughout 2017. Cheers!

Happy Holidays!

-from all of us here at The Exhibit Source.

Business Opportunities for Touch Screen Information Kiosks Include Enhancing Your Brand - Boston, MA

- Friday, December 16, 2016
The Exhibit Source Portable Marketing Kiosks in Boston, MA

Portable promotional kiosks in Boston, MA are widely used during trade shows. Kiosks can be easily integrated with the trade show booth with a user-friendly interface that helps enhance your branded environment. They come with a touchscreen monitor that can amp up any marketing campaign in an instant.

There are many different business opportunities for touch screen information kiosks. As a matter of fact, they can even serve as a demo counter or promotional table that will creatively and effectively showcase your products. They can be interactive so that your prospects and customers can get the information they need regarding the products they are interested in with a swipe of a finger. These portable promotional kiosks also help your staff market your products in a manner that is new.

The use of portable marketing kiosks during marketing events and trade shows is just one way of making the most of advanced technology. Companies can customize their kiosk based on the specific needs of their marketing campaign. With kiosks it no longer takes time to get all the information your customers need, they will have more time to choose product offerings that will best suit them.

To find out more about the business opportunities for touch screen information kiosk, contact The Exhibit Source.

Corporate Interior Designs Can Be a Building Block to Success - Boston, MA

- Friday, December 09, 2016
The Exhibit Source Corporate Interior Design in Boston, MA

Even the corporate interior design of your office plays a vital role to the success of your company. This is why it is worth consulting professionals to get it right for a design that incorporates your style, culture, logo, color and extends your brand.

Companies make use of corporate interiors to help build their reputation. These designs are considered building blocks to success because they can help companies brand themselves. Corporate interiors in Boston, MA are a practical investment. A well-designed interior can make an entire office more productive for employees and more appealing for clients which could lead to more business transactions. Having a professionally designed corporate interior can improve the morale of employees encouraging them serve clients better.

To find out more about corporate interior design options, contact The Exhibit Source.

Trade Show Exhibit Rentals Maximize Presence and Minimize Price - Boston, MA

- Wednesday, December 07, 2016
The Exhibit Source - Trade Show Exhibit Rentals in Boston, MA

With so many choices in state-of-the-art trade show exhibit rentals in Boston, MA along with continuously improving related technology, companies can maximize their presence while minimizing price. In addition to the varied designs that are available, booth rental options also have various accessories that can be used to emphasize particular features, products, or services.

When companies choose rental trade show booths, they can make use of the wide variety of customization options for available and the various graphic and structural exhibit designs to be unique at every event they attend. Because each detail is well thought out, graphics are crystal clear and vividly visible. With a rental booth companies can make sure they have everything needed to stand out from competitors, expand their customer base, and impress investors. In return a higher ROI can be gained.

It is important to note that trade show exhibit rentals have compatible aesthetic appeal and functionality to purchased booths. Just because companies rent does not mean they will not get the results or product they are aiming. To find out more about the advantages and benefits of trade show booth display rentals, contact The Exhibit Source.


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