Trade Show Marketing Can Have a Huge Effect on Your Bottom Line – Newton, MA

- Thursday, January 29, 2015

More and more companies are recognizing the need for trade show marketing. However, many of those same companies are recognizing that when done right, trade show marketing can have a huge effect on your bottom line.

If you are interested in participating in trade shows, either for the first time or as part of your regular marketing plan, you need to be sure you put extensive thought and planning into your trade show booth display. In fact, your trade show booth has only about 3 seconds to make an effect on the potential customers that pass by. This means your booth must stand out from the others as well as from the other clutter that exists at trade shows. If you want your company to get the attention of both existing and potential customers, your trade show booth must set itself apart from the crowd.

In order to accomplish this goal, planning, design and the right exhibit design company must be involved in the plan. The trade show booth needs to grab the attention of your qualified prospects and draw them in. The Exhibit Source understands the importance of your trade show display. When you work with us, you can choose from numerous design and style options.

Ten and 20 foot booth displays that are lightweight and easily transported are effective displays that can meet the needs of your budget. Table-top booth designs can be highly economical and effective especially for smaller booth spaces . The Exhibit Source can help you design and create the perfect exhibit for your trade show booth.

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Rental Trade Show Exhibits are a Cost-Effective Alternative with a Real Competitive Advantage - Newton, MA

- Monday, January 19, 2015

When using trade show exhibits in Newton, MA, the main objective of exhibitors is to grab the attention of the intended audience in just 3 seconds or less. This is possible even when your budget is limited because there are now options available to rent an exhibit instead of buy. Therefore, you do not need to find the budget for a major capital investment in order to provide an interactive brand experience to your clients.

Rental trade show exhibits are in demand because of the real competitive advantage they provide for a less. They remain the most cost-effective alternative in trade show exhibits for those who do not participate in trade shows frequently. They can also serve as a backup display for when you may have overlapping trade show schedules. You can also use rented trade show accessories and other components to complement your exhibit, especially if there is one show in particular that requires a larger, more expansive exhibit.

There are a wide array of rental exhibit options that you can customize to achieve your exact specifications on your trade show exhibit. All of these options will help you maximize your event marketing budget while strategically structuring your exhibit to ensure greater sales and return on investment.

Rent the exhibit you need to create a buzz during your trade show. For more details, contact The Exhibit Source.

Graphic and Structural Trade Show Exhibit Designs Can Make or Break Sales and Return on Investment - Boston, MA

- Monday, January 12, 2015

Designing and configuring unforgettable trade show exhibits in Boston, MA is crucial in creating a remarkable impression on attendees. Your potential customers may be just around the corner from your exhibit, so the graphic and structural design of your display should stand out enough to penetrate the crowded area.

Choose a combination of graphics, images, and text that will make your target market want to find out more about your business. Drawing attendees to your exhibit in a matter of three seconds or less requires an increase in the impact of your exhibit’s display elements which include at least color, lighting, and sound. This will make your trade show exhibit able to more conveniently convey your specific message, as you provide attendees with answers to their questions and solutions to their needs.

Graphic and structural exhibit design can make or break your business sales results or return on investment, so ensure that each display element is aligned to your marketing goals. Your trade show exhibit should be visually compelling so your targeted audience will give your exhibit a look and then stop and learn more about your products and services.

Experts from The Exhibit Source can help you in designing your display so that you properly communicate information. For more details, contact us.

Rental Table Top Exhibits Maximize Resources to Ensure Optimal Return on Investment for Your Trade Show Exhibit - Newton, MA

- Monday, January 05, 2015

Trade show exhibits in Newton, MA are strategically designed to help attract a large number of prospective customers during the event. Your exhibit must have a cohesive and interactive marketing approach so that it will not get overlooked by the passing crowd. The exhibit specialists at The Exhibit Source will help you host a face-to-face marketing experience, as you showcase your products and services to your audience.

In order to achieve the goals you have set, your trade show exhibit must entertain and inform your target market and grab attention of the busy crowd. Your trade show booth must create a conducive environment to welcome your prospects and allow them to learn more about your business, products and services. Your business can rent or buy and customize a trade show exhibit to demonstrate in the most compelling manner everything that you have to offer.

Rental table top exhibits are a perfect alternative for those whose budgets are limited or those who are participating in a trade show for the first time. Booths can be customized to encourage your intended audience to stop and stay at your exhibit thus ensuring your booth gives an optimal return on investment. Therefore, table top exhibits for rent are a cost-effective means of growing your business, maximizing your resources to build your customer base, and generate sales.

You can improve your exhibit experience and have a successful show if you plan ahead of time. For more details, contact The Exhibit Source.


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