Trade Show Marketing Statistics – Newton, MA

- Monday, October 21, 2013

Looking for statistical justification that trade shows are a great marketing medium?  Do you need numerical inspiration to guide your trade show program?  Here you go. These statistics will help your business justify and maximize your trade show marketing.

  • B2B exhibitions were 39.2% of B2B marketing budgets in 2011, the largest amount of any other marketing channel.  That number has held fairly steady over the past several years, demonstrating the resilience of trade shows.  
  • 81% of trade show attendees have buying authority.  Which means more than 4 out of 5 people walking the aisles are potential customers for exhibitors. 
  • 78% of trade show attendees travel more than 400 miles to attend an exhibition, which means you are getting a national audience at many trade shows. 
  • 99% of marketers said they found unique value from trade shows they did not get from other marketing mediums.   Their 3 most valued aspects of trade shows were:  60% of exhibitors said they value the ability to see lots of prospects and customers at the same time; 51% of exhibitors said they value face-to-face meetings with prospects and customers, and 47% said they value the ability to meet with a variety of players face to face, such as customers, suppliers, resellers, etc.  
  • The top 3 goals for exhibitors at trade shows are brand awareness, lead generation, and relationship building. 
  • The average attendee spends 8.3 hours viewing trade show exhibits at a show or exhibition.  That gives you plenty of opportunity to connect with your target audience. 
  • About 50% of the largest 200 shows in the USA take place in just 3 cities: Las Vegas, Chicago, and Orlando. 
  • Average drayage rates have increased 488% from 1982 to 2010.  Average drayage rates have gone from $12.68 per hundredweight in 1982 to $74.54 in 2010 – a 488% increase.  Meanwhile, the % of Exhibit Design on the average budget has gone from 21% of the overall budget in 1982 to only 10% in 2010.  The savings on drayage, (and shipping, storage, I&D, and refurbishing) from modular exhibit systems (that weight 60% less than traditional custom exhibits) and portable displays have helped keep trade shows affordable for many exhibitors.  
  • 83% of exhibitors agreed that “Building, expanding brand awareness” is a high-priority marketing-related objective for trade shows.  The next two objectives tied at 63%: “New product promotions, launches” and “Brand awareness reinforcement.” 
  • The top 3 sales-related objectives at trade shows are related to relationship management and engagement.  Above all else, exhibitors want to meet with existing customers, key customers, and prospective customers. 
  • 67% of all attendees represent a new prospect and potential customer for exhibiting companies.  This means trade shows are always rich in new business targets for you. 
  • 45% of attendees visit only one exhibition per year.  So when you exhibit at a show you will find unique prospects there you can’t reach at other trade shows.  
  • The #1 reason for attending (not exhibiting) trade shows is to see new products.  92% of trade show attendees say they are looking for new products.  It has been the number one reason to attend for 25 years!  So trade shows are a great place to introduce or feature your newest products.  
  • 46% of trade show attendees are in Executive or Upper Management.  That’s a lot of valuable attendees with top titles walking trade shows.  They certainly have authority to make buying decisions!  
  • Shanghai, China is going to open a 5 million square foot show hall in 2015.  This means for exhibitors there will be even more potential large shows to exhibit at in China.
  • 84% of exhibitors say “High quality of attendees” is the most important factor when deciding whether to exhibit or expand booth size.   Also, 54% say “favorable return-on-investment,” is an important factor when deciding to exhibit or expand booth size, while 50% consider “Positive past performance” and important factor. 

Are you interested in an effective trade show booth? If so, contact The Exhibit Source.


Green Trade Show Displays – Newton, MA

- Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Trade shows can be a great opportunity to get face-to-face time with existing and potential customers, build your brand presence, and express your mission statement. Your mission statement? Yes. What separates you from your competition is in your goods and services and in your mission statement.

The whole objective of a trade show display is to attract the right prospective clients. But, if there are aspects of your mission statement that should get across, you can express them in a trade show exhibit as well. Take going green, for example. If part of your business plan is social responsibility and going green, continue with your green marketing plan in your trade show booth display.

If your marketing efforts involve green marketing or bring your company green, don’t stop with your printed marketing materials. While recycling initiatives in your office, like recycled stationery and recycling bins, you can take your green initiative to the next level. With green trade show booths.

Is your company going green with its marketing efforts?

The Exhibit Source is proud to be New England's exclusive distributor of the full line of environmentally-friendly trade show display products, including modular exhibits, graphics, and accessories. These green trade show displays have the visual impact and durability you need, and they are made from high quality products.

Green trade show exhibits only use materials that are renewable, recycled, and recyclable from bamboo plywood to fabric made of recycled soda bottles.  Green trade show exhibits show your existing and prospective clients that your company is committed to a sustainable environment.

Contact The Exhibit Source for information about “green” trade show exhibits.

Benefit from Trade Shows – Newton, MA

- Friday, October 11, 2013

Social media and online technology may be considered the leader in sales and marketing today, but trade shows are enjoying a strong resurgence and generating hundreds of millions dollars in sales.

This surge in trade show attendance is attracting growing marketing budgets from many hundreds of business exhibitors.  Businesses are seeing value in selling their business products face-to-face with target industry customers.

Trade shows are designed to let businesses meet potential customers face-to-face in order to show off their brand, company and their goods and services. In fact, no sensible B2B marketer would argue the conversion rate statistics from selling face-to-face versus a Google ad.

Trade show exhibit companies work with their clients to create strong show brands to build and further grow sales. Every size business can be successful at trade shows. With creative marketing and well-done trade show displays, small businesses can market to customers of any size, including larger corporations.

The Trade Show Bureau claims that the average total cost of closing a sale in the field is $1,080, while the cost of closing a sale to a qualified trade show prospect is $419. Considering that the most common reason to attend a trade show is to generate leads and sales, this is a great metric showing the ROI of an effective trade show exhibit and show presence.

Contact The Exhibit Source for your display needs.

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Done Right Trade Show Exhibits –Newton, MA

- Friday, October 04, 2013

Every year the Boston area plays host to 100’s of trade shows. Within each of these trade shows there are hundreds, if not thousands of exhibitors. Your business needs to stand out in the crowd. Your trade show exhibit can be big or small, rented or owned, but either way you can stand out if your trade show display is done right.

The right graphics, the right lighting, the right message, and the right amount of interactivity lets your trade show booth, and therefore your business, stand out in the sea of vendors. No matter what type of product or service you are promoting, you need a trade show exhibit that sets your business apart, shows off your brand, and draws potential clients to your booth. Most importantly, your trade show display needs to function flawlessly.

Large-scale graphics that utilize color saturation and clear, clean designs are easy for the eye to see and scan. Table top booths or an exhibit up to 10' high, either way, clear concise graphics with conveying the right message is important to stop potential customers.  Additionally in a trade show booth, you want the look of a custom exhibit with all the practical benefits of a modular product.

Regardless of if your business is  a start-up or a Fortune 500 company, The Exhibit Source is a trade show booth design company that provides a complete selection of event exhibit solutions to fit your budget, your needs, and your goals. From exhibit design, construction, shipping, installation and dismantling, graphic design, and signage are all important factors to consider and talk about when looking for an exhibit solution provider.

For more information, contact the Exhibit Source.


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