Trade Show Booths Take Planning – Westwood, MA

- Monday, February 17, 2014

When you think about a trade show booth, you may often think about people sitting behind a table, waving to people as they walk by. There is so much more to trade shows than being good looking and seeming friendly. According to an article posted on Trade Show News Network, 99% of marketers found a value to trade shows that other marketing channels do not offer. Face to face interaction is irreplaceable and having that in a creative, fun setting allows potential clients to relax and enjoy the experience they have with your brand. While it might be your first time or you may be a seasoned pro, creating a superior trade show booth is not always the easiest task. There is a lot of planning involved and a lot of time invested in creating that ultimate booth for your product or service. If you are able to manage your time, as well as your dollars, you should be able to make a trade show booth that will produce profits in the long run. These tips will help you plan a superior trade show booth.

Plan, then Plan Some More

The number one thing you must remember is that planning is the most important part of this whole project. Start planning months ahead of time because if you don’t, you’re going to wish you did. Just as anything else in life, unforeseen situations and issues will arise. When constructing your booth you must consider size constraints, electrical concerns, and end result aesthetics. Having months to sort these dilemmas out will keep things running smoothly.

Manipulating the Space

Don’t let your trade show booth end up cluttered and closed in. Give your booth some space and eliminate the clutter and the unnecessary. People want to wander through, escape into a different reality which is your booth. The last thing that you want at your trade show booth is a table blocking the entrance way to get into the exhibit even if two very well informed employees sit behind it. Simpler is almost always better so display items and information that will leave the best impression. If your booth space is large enough, consider incorporating chairs or benches. This will give a welcoming feeling, and people will stay longer. Navigating a trade show can be like swimming against a tide so to help attendees find your booth, consider hanging branding from the ceiling. It will act like the northstar for lost potential clients.

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Creating an Effective Trade Show Exhibit – Westwood, MA

- Monday, February 03, 2014

Where your trade show booth is located and how your booth looks will have an impact on your trade show success. Use these tips to help you along.

Shoot for a high-traffic location

Be sure to look at a floor plan before you choose your site. Foot traffic is heaviest in certain areas of a typical trade show floor. Look for locations near entrances, food concessions, rest rooms, seminar rooms, or close to major exhibitors. Try to avoid dead-end aisles, loading docks, obstructing columns, or other low-traffic regions.

Consider sharing a booth

New exhibitors often get the least desirable locations. One way around that is to share a well-located trade show booth display with a colleague in a related business. Talk to your sales rep, or try to hook up with an established exhibitor whose products or services complement yours.

Elate the senses

Make sure people coming to your booth can experience your product or service. Let them touch, see, feel, hear or taste it. Are you selling decorative pillows? Display them in an appropriate setting and have samples that buyers can touch. Have you developed a new software package? Be sure to have multiple computer terminals available for attendees to try the package.

Keep it simple

Don't go overboard with trade show booth graphics. One large picture that can be seen from afar may have a greater impact than many small ones. A single catchy slogan that describes your business may say more than long blocks of text.

Gimmicks work

Gimmicks and give-aways can also drive traffic to your trade show exhibit. Hold a contest; have a loud product demo; give away pieces of candy; hire a masseuse and offer free back rubs. Just make sure that the gimmick fits your company's image and the sensibilities of your clients.

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