Happy Holidays!

- Monday, December 21, 2015

This week's blog message is very simple. All of us here at The Exhibit Source wish you and your family the warmest of Holiday greetings and sincere thanks for your continued trust in us. Your trust and continued partnership with us is nothing short of a blessing and it is truly something we celebrate. We offer you all this sincere thanks and pledge to you that we will never tire in our efforts to steadily increase the value of our service to you. Happy Holidays!

Trade Show Exhibit Rentals Allow Exhibitors to Spend and Splurge without Committing to Ownership - Boston, MA

- Friday, December 18, 2015
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Owning a trade show exhibit is not for all businesses because it requires an initial outlay of capital. Through purchasing, exhibitors are also married to that particular style and size exhibit for an extended period of time. For this reason, many businesses consider trade show exhibit rentals as a more practical alternative. Just like with the purchase option, there is a wide array of rental options to choose from in addition to the trade show display accessories that can be added when modifying the exhibit.

When ownership is the less logical or practical choice, renting a trade show exhibit is the way to go. In addition to renting being an affordable alternative, businesses will also benefit from the freedom to make changes in the graphic and structural exhibit design based on show-floor experience prior to the commitment.

The trade show exhibit rentals in Boston, MA allow exhibitors to spend or splurge without committing to ownership. This alternative also allows those businesses that plan on buying a display in the future to test drive an exhibit style before deciding on the final design. In addition to helping companies weigh their choices of trade show exhibits, they will also have the option to rent displays show by show or on a contract basis.

To find out more about options for trade show exhibit rentals, contact The Exhibit Source.

Fabric Pop-up Displays Best Promote Changing Products and Services Offered Monthly – Boston, MA

- Monday, December 14, 2015

Fabric pop-up displays make it extremely easy for the company logo and brand on display in minutes. The fabric graphic is strategically designed and perfectly tensioned on the pop up structure once it is clicked into place. In addition to easy set-up and take-down, pop-up trade show exhibits have other benefits as well.

The graphic and structural exhibit designs for fabric pop-up displays can be customized based on the specific marketing goals of the company or on the requirements of the event. Fabric pop-up displays offer a wide range of customization options so you will be able to create the desired design and message.

Pop-up trade show exhibits in Boston, MA can produce a full exhibit stand for promoting a new product or special offer which change often. When using a fabric pop-up exhibit, it is quick and inexpensive to replace the fabric banner when necessary in order to promote different products, offers, or services. This is why fabric exhibits are used at trade shows as well as in restaurants, reception areas, and hotels where products and services offered may change seasonally even more regularly.

To find out more about fabric pop-up displays, contact The Exhibit Source.

Corporate Interior Designs Keep Companies Visible, Recognizable, and Distinctive - Westwood, MA

- Wednesday, December 09, 2015

The impact of corporate identity for the success of your business must not be underestimated. Identity has a direct influence on the recognition of your brand, your reputation, and your target market’s preference. You can improve your identity visibility by incorporating an effective and captivating corporate interior designs.

By investing in your corporate interior you will make your brand distinctive and your company visible within the industry. In addition to printed material and branded vehicles, the interior of your office is also a brand carrier. Make use of it effectively and seize the opportunity to make it visible, recognizable, and distinctive.

Corporate interiors in Westwood, MA can pique the interest of those prospects and clients who visit, keeping them fascinated about what is going on “behind the curtain”. The fact that you are able to create interest in your and show that your corporate interior was custom-designed shows how much thought the leadership team put into it to make it aesthetically pleasing and a great place to work. Present and prospective clients will become eager to find out what else your company can do. Creatively designed corporate interiors will cause quick recall of your brand name and company image. This is helpful in promoting your products and services.

To find out more about corporate interior design options, contact The Exhibit Source.

Trade Show Exhibit Rentals Can Provide High-Quality Creative Designs and Customization Services - Boston, MA

- Tuesday, December 01, 2015
20x20 & larger displays ma, full-scale custom modual displays, exhibit trade show booth, trade show booth, Boston, MA, Island exhibit

There are a number of reasons why considering trade show exhibit rentals in Boston, MA can be beneficial. In addition to offering a more affordable alternative than purchasing a display, they also provide numerous options for customization for a display that meets the specific requirements of your marketing strategy.

The graphic and structural exhibit design of your trade show display is very important, regardless of whether the trade show exhibit is rented or purchased for your next marketing event. Choosing the rental alternative provides your company with the high-quality creative design and customization services that you can find in a purchase program. With rental exhibits, there are options for custom graphics, interactive multimedia, and other accessories that can help reinforce and celebrate your event and specific marketing message, making your trade show exhibit eye-catching and professional-looking.

Given the wide array of trade show exhibit rental inventory, there is no way you won’t be able to create one that fits your preferences and requirements. No matter the size or configuration, you can be confident that with The Exhibit Source you will have the necessary resources in order to meet your unique trade show exhibit rental needs.

To find out more about trade show exhibit rentals, contact The Exhibit Source.


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