Trade Show Exhibit Rentals: Offering Marketing Opportunities to Your Business – Boston MA

- Thursday, May 29, 2014

Trade show exhibit rentals are an affordable alternative that you can use and still meet your functionality requirements and aesthetic needs, without ruining your budget. They help you manage your trade show expenses by allowing you to rent your display instead.

If you choose to rent rather than buy, you can still get a useful trade show display for your budget, which will attract more customers and bring a higher return on investment. Trade show exhibit rentals are very useful for businesses that attend only one or two trade shows annually.

With a rental trade show booth you never have to commit to only one style or size. Aside from the fact that trade show exhibit rentals are attractive and affordable, they can be custom-tailored and they come with all the accessories you will need to give your business an outstanding presence at trade shows. This alternative also allows you to rent a trade show display before buying it. Whatever you require renting a trade show display is a perfect choice for many reasons.

With trade show exhibit rentals, you have many choices. You can also use more of your marketing budget toward designing your booth, because renting is less expensive than building your own. Plus, you can change the look of your each time for every event you attend. This is one big reason to choose trade show exhibit rentals.

For more details on pre-owned trade show exhibit rentals, go to The Exhibit Source.

A Hanging Display on Your Trade Show Booth Lets You Rise above the Competition – Boston, MA

- Monday, May 19, 2014

Hanging displays for your trade show booth are custom-printed signs which come in several shapes, sizes, and styles. Made to attract the attention of your target market in large crowds or large conventions, these hanging displays allow the exhibitors to utilize the space above the exhibit floor.

Hanging structures are trade show displays that provide an eye-popping addition to your exhibit space, complementing its overall design. They make sure you are able to send a message about your campaign or company when the trade floor is busy. These hanging signs help your prospects and patrons to locate your trade show easily, when there is a large crowd, thus making your trade show booth more visible.

Hanging displays help your booth stand out from a busy crowd, extending your presence in heights and turning heads from any location toward your exhibition. They can showcase a message and further reinforce your company logo, offering high visual impact and making the right impression of your exhibit.

Hang a displays strategically overhead and have your company gain the advantage over the competition in a busy and crowded showroom. These hanging displays ]create brand identity that floor standing displays won’t always accomplish. Overhead signs make your business become visible to anyone, everywhere at the trade show.

To find out more about how to use a hanging display structure as an effective marketing tool during a trade show, visit the The Exhibit Source.

Save Time and Money, Buy Used Trade Show Booth

- Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Your trade show exhibit display should mirror your reputation as a company offering both excellent products and services. Whether you are a first time exhibitor or a seasoned pro in the trade show industry, your options always lie on either buying or renting a trade show booth. But did you know you could actually buy a used trade show booth?

Save money and spare time. When you decide to purchase a pre-owned trade show exhibit, it will cut the time you spend in the design stages. There are a lot of options depending on the size, style, and scope of your trade show display rentals. Choose an exhibit configuration that fits your booth space which can easily be modified to match your brand requirements. This way, it saves you money too by cutting construction expenses.

Buying used trade show booths can help stretch your budget without compromising quality. You have a reputation to uphold, but you also have a budget to keep in mind. Using pre-owned trade show booth can do both by purchasing a pre-owned trade show booth that is in good condition which can be modified. You will need a trade show display company to customize it with your company logo and with your message. There may be in-house designers that are available at the display company that can do the job for you.

Pre-owned trade show booths can effectively adapt to your requirements while conveying the right image that communicates your message about your products and services to your target customers. For more options, check out The Exhibit Source.

Trade Show Exhibits: Tips for First Timers – Boston, MA

- Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Trade show exhibit booths make it possible for a face-to-face marketing. This helps in building long-term relationships for your brand with both your new prospects and valued customers. But how can first-timers make the most out of this? Here are tips from A-E to help you get started:

Advance Advertisements
Whether you are going to launch a new product or promote existing ones, you need to make pre-show advertisements. Sending out press release or distributing flyer could help gain more audience during the event, especially for first-timers. Also, make sure you do not miss inviting your clients, suppliers and other contacts.

Budget and Book
Book the best location for your booth. Location plays a vital role in trade show exhibits. So before you book, find out where your area on the show floor is, know about the other exhibits near you, and ask about the location's physical conditions. Also, making budget plans and list of alternatives ahead really put you in a better position, especially when putting together your trade show for the first time.

Create Leads, Take the Lead
Make sure everything is all ready before you step into your trade show booth. Gather up your team and brief them in advance. You must have enough enthusiastic staff, with their strategic scheduling already set for the entire event. They must be briefed on how to market your products and services, as well as to fact-find with your leads.

Do Research
Before the event, set smart objectives and stick to them. You must know from the very start what do you want to get out of your trade show exhibit. Then you can do research on how to achieve those. Choose the terms that can give your business the best return of investments and target the audience that you want to reach. Doing research enables you to plan your exhibits and ensures you that you have appropriate means to meet the needs of your leads.

Exhibiting Experience
Remember that trade shows are your chance of presenting your brands, and connecting with your target customers. So make sure you create the best exhibiting experience for them, having enough space to display your products and entertain their concerns.

Transform an empty space into a venue for making an impression and spreading information. For more details trade show exhibit booths, visit The Exhibit Source.


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