More Leads with Your Trade Show Exhibit

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Most businesses that regularly attend trade shows believe that they are a good investment. However, there are methods and strategies to get more leads with your trade show exhibit design:

  1. Get a bigger booth
  2. Get a booth space closer to the hub of traffic, or by a bigger competitor
  3. Get a corner booth space
  4. Backlight your trade show display graphics
  5. Design your exhibit to more boldly, and clearly say why attendees will benefit from working with you
  6. Put fewer elements on your exhibit, but make the remaining images and messages bigger and more concise
  7. Use graphics with images and benefits that appeal more directly to attendees at your vertical market shows
  8. Put benefit statements on your trade show exhibit graphics
  9. Replace your tired old display with a new trade show exhibit
  10. Make your exhibit architecture more inviting to enter
  11. Pick more exciting colors on your exhibit
  12. Bring fewer products, such as only your most popular products, to minimize clutter
  13. Get a taller exhibit
  14. Add more lighting
  15. Put messages on your flooring
  16. Avoid an exhibit that looks like everyone else
  17. Keep your booth neat and clean throughout the show
  18. Move interesting equipment and technology to the outside of the booth
  19. Use a theme that gets attention and memorably ties into your competitive advantage or offering
  20. Match your exhibit message to your other marketing materials

For assistance in creating your trade show display, contact The Exhibit Source.


What Else Can you Use Your Trade Show Exhibit For?

Joseph Coupal - Monday, May 14, 2012

Trade show exhibits are an investment and when you invest in having one created, you most certainly want to do it right. Obviously, getting the most out of your investment in key to justifying the investment, and ROI is the point of the show, right?

But there is another way to make use of your trade show display to expand your brand after the event is over that can further help their ROI. How? Use your trade show exhibit to recruit at job fairs and college campuses.

When your organization participates in regional job fairs or recruits at college campuses your trade show display will prominently display your logo, brand, and top products or services to help you recruit the top talent.
Rather than the traditional marketing materials your HR department can create specific recruiting material to hand out along with business cards and product information.

The Exhibit Source designs customized trade show displays that help businesses in any industry get noticed at any trade show. Looking for visually impacting trade show booths? Contact The Exhibit Source.

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